About Us

SCIC is a New York-based firm established in January 1999 that provides specialized financial advisory services on credit risk management, access to capital markets, and structured finance to both public and private sector financial institutions primarily in emerging and frontier markets.


Private sector and government-owned financial institutions and corporations currently face enormous challenges in gaining access to global capital markets. SCIC's mission is to provide "tailored" solutions for such borrowers, using our team's broad contacts and expertise in debt and equity capital markets, both in the US and abroad. We specialize in (a) advising our clients on how to create, guarantee or invest in structured (including project) financings (b) facilitating their access to debt and selectively to private equity, (c) helping them obtain and/or maintain credit ratings by not only diagnosing areas of concern and recommending improvements in the institution's key policies, procedures, regulatory compliance, and financial performance but also by guiding them in improving written and oral communications with the rating agencies, and (d) helping them develop internal ratings systems designed to be Basle-II compliant. Our work often entails making assessments of existing enterprise risk management programs with the goal of identifying strengths and weaknesses and suggesting improvements.

Business Focus

SCIC focuses mainly on financial institutions in countries with the potential for active capital markets issuance and investment. In some cases, we have worked to help create an environment conducive to aligning the interests of the various stakeholders so as to facilitate growth of the capital markets. SCIC provides advice on credit risk management, strategies to access debt and private equity capital markets, and all aspects of structured and project financings.